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Test Bench

Application of Horizontal Test Bench can be noticed in telecommunication, automobile and aviation arena. This noise free testing equipment consists of vertically positioned working platform, simple to install vibration separation section located under its pedestal and advanced control cabinet. This control cabinet is equipped with cold roll steel sheet made baking handle. Magnesium alloy made working platform of this test bench is corrosion protected. Stable operation, water cooling function and high braking force of its brake are the main attributes of this Horizontal Test Bench.
Vertical Test Bench is used to determine sealing attributes of repaired or new valve. This testing apparatus determines sealing performance of valves under low and high pressure range. This test bench is suitable for testing regulating valve, gate valve and non return valve to name a few. Based on testing needs, it uses oil, gas or water as its testing medium. This Vertical Test Bench comprises of necessary parts like open type working table, low noise motor and touch screen based display screen.
This 15 kg Screw Test Bench is known for its 500N load enduring capacity. Equipped with durable stand base, this instrument consists of side hand wheel, movable base platform and digital gauge. Platform of its base can be moved in forward, left, right and backward directions for maintaining precision of clamping. This Screw Test Bench can be installed on table for the convenience of its operator. Error free gauge head displacement function, prolonged working life, accurate diameter and stroke data registering facility are its key attributes.
This precisely developed Special Test Bench is appreciated for its high efficiency level and error free operation. It consists of ladder type screw, force gauge, guide shaft, hand wheel, lateral plate and transmission carrier. This advanced test bench is suitable for HF and NK series push pull force gauge testing system. This 19 kg Special Test Bench deserves praise for its stable performance, ergonomic look, ease of handling, high output level, fast operation and less downtime. Designed by seasoned professionals, this testing apparatus has long service life.

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